The start of the day is sometimes difficult. But all depends on how you take it. As I went for my daily tasks of serving customers – coffee of course – I could hear different things this Friday morning, the 13th !

Again some are superstitious about it. Apparently, it can be a lucky or unlucky day?!

It is just another day, isn’t it?

it all depends whether you are superstitious : black cat, ladder and all the rest…

Anyway, one of our regular who pops in at 8.05am and get his double espresso for the day – he owns a delivery company (or courier as some call them) – decided to put some his vans for sale 2 days ago. Luckily for him they all sold rapidly…in fact overnight. When he checked his e-mails, one buyer was interested in having the lot.

So far, so good.  All customers coming in, are either saying that Friday 13th is a lucky day or don’t even mention it.

I always reply to it that it is all the mind…but some people have to follow what is shouted on the radio or on the television. And that without mentioning all the magazines with sometimes stupid headlines, for the sake of selling them in mass.

Try to avoid to be like “the sheep of panurge“.