There are loads of coffee places these days…almost too many.

Many years ago in England, the day revolved around tea breaks. These days it is about coffee breaks.

On weekends you can see most terraces full up and the inside isn’t better – probably due to the fact that there are comfortable sofas. But what about the quality of coffees, drinks, cakes and customer service ?

It seems that BikeCaffe has found the right balance between all the ingredients. Right…to give you an idea, BikeCaffe is an Organic & Fair Trade business. The staff of Percolator Corner spotted one in Exeter (Devon – England).

Matthew Whittaker trades on a Vintage Dutch trike. Mainly in Castle Street (Exeter), which is just off High Street, you can’t miss him.

Of course, there are no seats or soft chairs. But the service is nectar…you can get almost anything in terms of coffee. For the tea lovers there is an entire range of Suki teas too.

The coffee can be just a regular or add a shot of syrup to have the right flavour (Vanilla, Caramel, Amaretto, Cinnamon…etc) and even some marshmallow if you wish. There are also some special ones: Chai Latte, Flat White….

We tried a proper rich hot chocolate but rather than having a sprinkle of chocolate we opted for cinnamon…a nice twist.

So, the coffee and the cups can be recycled.  For instance, the ground coffee, which has been used during the day, can be useful for gardeners and allotments owners. Why wasting something which can be helpful to others !

All we can say : pukka drink, top service, great chat…and there are regulars too who don’t want to miss their turn…so BikeCaffe is the way forward to get your coffee on the go.

And yes – most important, carbon foot print = zero.

All powered by gas…no need to try to find the electric cable or the noisy generator.