By browsing the web between some customers – service comes first – we discovered this new accessorie, device or tool, call it the way you want.

It is called the Aeropress Espresso.

Really practical to get the espresso the way you like it.

Of course, we can use the traditional percolator but for some customers the espresso can be too strong or not enough, too smooth…etc

We are not going to go (again) through this endless conversation of how an espresso should be!

To resolve that dilemma we have decided to purchase one device (as a test), which will give our customers the opportunity to make it themselves and on top of that, it is kind of affecting the global climate change, as it is not using the big power of the stylish percolator.

So everyone should be happier : the customers to get it the strength they want (and able to add water or milk too) & all eco-friendly members who care about simple things which can improve our planet.

It is a win-win situation.