Bank Holiday is over…what a shame !

Dashed up to London…yes THE London…the big smoke.

Needed some top quality supply to run the percolator.  Customers are demanding you know…

So, decided to pay a visit to Monmouth Coffee in Covent Garden. It is the original Monmouth Coffee Company Shop.

It is an extraordinary coffee shop but also a great supplier – coffee is sourced around the world but then roasts it in England.

We then thought to get a few samples and decided to buy a shed loads of it in order to have enough for a bit. We kind of planned it as we had a cheap van hire to be able to bring back as much as we wanted without any issues of space.

Good move & choice. Thanks to Thomas our expert who guided us to this tiny and quaint shop.

If you are interested here are the details:

Monmouth Coffee Company
27 Monmouth Street,
Covent Garden,