In a café a lot of things are happening…and heard.

Some are already thinking of Christmas…25th December !

Searching the “right” gift ! As if a gift needs to be right !

We used to say “it is the thought that counts“. But these days, it must be the unusual, extraordinary, exclusive, limited edition object. Greed and social status are taking over. Sad though.

One regular customer said that he always buys the most expensive bottle of  “champers” (meaning Champagne, of course).

So, the idea came straight to my head . Why not just picking some Christmas gift hampers which is the fast and easy way to please friends & family – and colleagues. Prices are varied and no hassle and waste of time to choose – it is all in.

That’s why, working in a busy place can help to make a decision, and here is the proof…as long as you don’t have your mp3 glued to your ears (that goes without saying).

Christmas celebration is sorted then….and you, what are you aiming at ?