A lot of new premises are rather clinical and minimalistic. Is it a good or a bad thing or even a trend ?

Remember a few years ago it was about stainless steel.

But in most hotels, for instance, there is always a lovely & nice vase with fresh flowers, whatever the trend. It brings this unique and lovely smell when stepping in.

So, should coffees have such feature on their counters or tables?

According to some surveys, it could be in the way if customers are using laptops or even the smell is not everybody’s cup of tea.

So it is a kind of a dilemna for some premises and using fake flowers is not a real alternative…it does look rubbish.

Finally, some flowers can have a strong smell and it would be a shame to kill the real scent of fresh coffee. It is essential to have the right balance in order to attract customers.

Flowers might not be the best thing for a coffee afterall…the heat and the steam from the percolator is not  the ideal for their longevity.

It is preferable to look towards green plants….even tropical ones for some corners or to create partitions between tables.