Some conversations or debates can be interesting and even surprising when you can hear people talking around a cup of coffee.

Sometimes it is absolutely pointless.

But recently, the subject was about entrepreneurs! This word came from nowhere. It was a statement from a regular visitor. Not sure whether he exactly knew what it meant. Some people use words just to be noticed within the group.

The impact can have different effects: the conversation can either stop or double in intensity. Thankfully, it was silent as most of the other people around the table were slightly baffled.

No fights, no arguments…simply an awkward look and the dialogue started again about the latest flat screen television.

In pubs & coffees clients tend to jump from one subject to another to keep the flow going…but when being an observer or listener from behind the counter it is rather interesting to catch snippets chats between coffee lovers.

A real entertainement which gives coffee places an atmosphere.