Yesterday morning a few regulars were reading the headlines of some papers.

One of them said, there is no point spending money on physical newspapers are everything is online. Which is true…most news are on the net and that 24/7. Updates are live.

But for some reasons the conversation turned towards savings accounts and interest rates. Rather deep subject for an early debate.

They were right. The interest rates are so low that sometimes it might be better to spend rather than trying to save some money. The situation has been similar all around the world. But in Britain it is rather depressing to see some accounts producing almost nothing with a 0.5% interest rate.

Some were saying that current accounts in Ireland are actually better than in the United Kingdom as it is the Eurozone. But surely, if the rate is similar what is the benefit? That was the peak of the topic.

As no one from the “assembly” is living abroad it all ended up a bit flat. It is always good to have a definite answer to a query. But according to some visitors/tourists, the financial situation is the same wherever you go – Euros or not Euros. Rates are low and people are careful with their spendings.

Hopefully the situation will change in the near future to push the economy and bring back the pleasure to spend (with moderation), rather than the worry of tomorrow (for some).