Most public places have a well decorated Christmas tree…well, it is the season for it.

But, we always think it is a shame to have all these trees indoors for a few weeks and then chuck them in a bin. It is a tradition but it is necessary to look at the cost of such product and mainly the wastage. A bit similar with the Christmas lights. Everybody talks about the global warming but no one stops switching on their decorations for the festive seasons. A real paradox.

So, we have decided to go for fresh flowers rather than a traditional tree. It will bring a fresh look with lovely scents and colours from the 13th to 26th December. But to relate to a previous post, no worries to have as the choice will be carefully done in order to avoid any strong smells.

The plant will be away from the counter and the tables. Something looking Christmassy with a twist. A kind of huge arrangement with holly, white and red roses.