When running a business, there are so many things which are important.

The stock, the staff, the premises, the finance. A long & endless list.

Reaching almost the end of the year, we didn’ thing deeply about the bookkeeping side of the business.

But, some companies do have some kind of  treasury management systems. A simple software will do as Percolator Corner isn’t a Corporation  such as a Bank or a Global Establishment. So, we are in the process of implementing a IT program related to spendings, earnings and VAT. It is essential to know what is bought and sold and details of  the suppliers or the invoice numbers. All these figures need to be listed somewhere, in case we have a number crunching session, which is never really enjoyable, but has to be done.

So, it has been ordered and the work is in progress…will be all installed and registered by the weekend.