A lot of people have an occupation outside work. It can vary from crosswords, reading books, sports, photography or cinema.

But, some go the extra mile to do something totally different in order to almost escape the real world. Is a fear of what is around them? Certainly not! It is just a passion or hobby. Call it whatever you wish.

For instance, creating a diorama with miniature houses, vans, people, trees, roads, in order to reproduce a specific era with all relevant details.

It is total escapism…and why not afterall. Working long hours in catering can be draining and consequently something is necessary to change scenery. And this can be done by organising – sometimes with others – the revival of a part of your life or history in general.

There are various and endless themes: 1st or 2nd World War, English history, prehistory, to name just a few.

Here is a nice example reproducing the life of a French Delicatessen. What is extraordinary are all this vintage vehicles. The focus point being, of course, the Austin Mini – a used van converted and personalised for deliveries and with all details painted on the side panels to advertise the business. A brilliant composition which demands (certainly) patience and meticulousness.

Photo Bleuglacier

Photo Bleuglacier

Photo Bleuglacier

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