In general, everybody likes to wear comfortable shoes.

Sometimes, the look is more important than anything else. But when standing or walking for 8 hours a day – or more – it is rather vital to have the right size and shape to fill like having slippers on.

According to an online article regarding Littlewoods, there has been a launch for the forthcoming Collection Spring 2011.

Littlewoods have done some research and study in order to have  a new range “Savoir“.

“restyled to suit the modern mature woman”

This line of women’s shoes features 400 ladies fashion lines, available in sizes 10 to 32, including petite and standard fit options.

It seems that a lot of effort are made to sell sell sell…mainly for female customers.

Photo by Dean Jarvey - dmjarvey on Flickr

What about men? Do they not need shoes? Or are they less fussy for the comfort of their feet?

In the past, my teachers and employers kept saying that shoes are so important when going for a job interview. It is almost the small detail which reveals who you are!

Dirty shoes would mean unreliable and unorganized. As for clean and spotless shoes either made of leather or suede it would be a good sign  – tidy, organized, conscientious person.

It is a rather true statement, isn’t it?