The banana skin’s cultural role is not confused: it is (and will remain) a standard in physical comedy.

Remember Chaplin or even the 3 Stooges. A simple and natural item so useful for quick laughs and easy situations.

However, there is a real danger when you meet the “evil” banana skin, in real life!

Imagine if such thing was dropped on a café/ shop floor. This could involve some accidents at work and a rise of back injury claims, which wouldn’t help the run of the business.

If customers fell on it, it would mean whiplash compensation for all injuries, due to negligence. The Health & Safety inspector would then turn up to make sure that everything is neat.

But some lazy and irresponsible people keep littering (it’s a criminal offence). There is a law against it!

Thankfully nothing happened in our workplace. It’s safe and good fun…fingers crossed! And in case there was an incident, we would consult an online service to help us out – or call a special 7/7 number. Ideal for all queries at the end of the day.

NB: Grapes are dangerous too – so be aware!!!