The only time it is possible to go and buy a little something on lunchtime there are these young tree huggers type of people stopping you in the high street with a clipboard.

I don’t mind talking to them but their body language is odd.

They act like puppets who need attention and seem to have communication issues to stop shoppers.

It is not about the time of the day but we all know that what they are after is our cash for good causes.

Certainly saying “hello, would you have a minute to spare for a good cause” would be more acceptable than acting like desperate employees who are trying to reach their daily targets.

Working for any type of charity donation business is not easy. But the training should be done in order to ease the way the staff has to deal with passers-by. It would be slightly more respectful than dancing or giving the impression to have a fit.

But this is maybe the way it has to be, to attract the attention of busy and rushed workers and shoppers.

Sometimes it is more a game of hide & seek, to avoid being stopped or caught and give some meaningless explanations.

We have to admire these guys who give all they can to save lives either in the UK or abroad.

What would we do without charity such as Oxfam?