A regular customer wanted to travel to a new area of the globe, somewhere she never went to. She picked randomly Bangkok.

It is in fact the capital of Thailand. And flights to Bangkok from London are actually regular so much so that most European capitals have this opportunity. Etihad airlines offer also flights to Bangkok from Paris, which is a great thing as you could decide to catch the Eurostar (from London St Pancras) for a weekend in Paris and then take off for Bangkok.

This latter itinerary was the choice of Zoe who wanted to see the French Capital before discovering the sunny Thailand.

When she came back from this venture…it was a real new person with a lot of images, colours, cultural knowledge in mind.

It is always amazing how people perceive another country – it seems to be better and friendlier than their own.

But is it actually better to move over there for good? Being a tourist is one thing but taking the decision to move abroad for good is something else.

There are a few things to learn and to discover concerning habits, rules, social manners…etc

It can be slightly different from what is narrated in books or in documentaries, but certainly always worth trying to adapt to another culture.

It can be difficult or very easy – all depends on your mind set and will to be part of this new city/country.  Integration is the most important otherwise you might well be rejected or considered as an outsider.

Have you decided to move away from you hometown to another country? Did it work or was it a disappointment?