Some customers have recently been talking about various types of injuries – maybe because of the bad news concerning the historical Japanese earthquake.

One main conversation was about spinal cord injury. Something which seems to be slightly unknown by most of us.

After searching the net, find below the transcript of a video from access-legal, which explains clearly the effects which can be devastating for the victims.

They result in reduced function, loss of feeling, and loss of mobility. When that injury occurs, it does have a huge impact on that individuals life – and importantly the individual needs to know what to do and who to turn to.

We Access-Legal from Shoomsiths have a large team of lawyers who specialize in assisting individuals in order to recover the compensation that they are entitled to, so as they can have a good quality of life and really move on and have that financial support that they require in order to make a contribution to the community.

We work very closely with the experts in the spinal cord injury field, we work closely with rehabilitation centres, our objective is to make sure that you have the treatment you need  – and the care that you require immediately.

Our objective is to transfer you to a specialist spinal injury unit so as you get the correct care and treatment that you need.

The reality is that you will most likely be in that unit for between six to eight months, the treatment received is very intensive, and the objective is to make you as independent as possible, but maybe more importantly to make sure that you understand the complications of your injury and you know how – how to deal with it.

In the meantime in the background we will be looking at interim payments in order to fund your stay, more importantly we will be looking at your accommodation. If that suitable for you when you are discharged from the rehabilitation unit? What accommodation do you need? And we will work very closely with you in order to make sure that when you are discharged, you are discharged to a home that meets your needs.

We will also work with vocational experts, their objective is to look at you employment situation prior to the accident, work very closely with your employers with a view to reintegrate you into employment and identifying whether your previous roll is still suitable for you.

Our aim is to work closely with you and also with your family, because we can’t forget that not only does this injury have an impact on your personal life but also on those around you. They need support and they need to understand the injuries and more importantly they need to understand how they can help you through a very difficult phase.

I hope you found this summary helpful. Do get in touch with us if you have suffered a spinal cord injury yourself, or you are a family member who has a relative who is in hospital. We will visit you at home or in hospital, whatever suits you.

Rather scary – but we can’t ignore things like these which could affect any of us at anytime.