London…the big smoke as some people call it. 7 million people are making the capital buzzing 24/7. A unique source of talents, companies and ideas.

Adelaide Thompson is one of many who is talented: lovely voice as part of a choir for the past 5 years but she is also a business woman working as Private banker’s Assistant for Coutts & Co.

The Department she works with looks after high profile clients. Her role is to assist and support her boss: the private banker.

Overall Coutts offers various services including:

but is first of all a private bank.

The great thing in the video below is the fact that Adelaide is a down to earth person and is enjoying the great flavour of freshly made coffee…she knows which percolator corner to go to.


What she loves in her work  is to be there for the clients and for their requests.

She is 100% committed in her daily tasks and her aim is to be as efficient as possible.

An example to follow.