Surfing the net is a 21st Century occupation – no doubt.

What can’t be found online? The information is endless from A to Z.

Great source of inspiration too.

For us it is about crockery – cutlery and everything which goes around the percolator.

Today we discovered this rather nice and unusual jug…ideal to serve with the daily cuppa or just ot have on display on the wood counter.

This is a hand decorated jug made from slip cast earthenware. It is approximately 10cm tall and will comfortably hold 3/4 of a pint of liquid. The powder blue coloured slip is applied before the glaze and the digital transfers are long lasting.

Julia Davey is the ceramic artist (since July 2010 – as a full time occupation) behind this VW vans & caravans jug as featured on her website.

She works in Bath (Somerset). Great works throughout…worth checking.

To come back to this particular jug; drawings were made by hand then scaled down in order to be able to transfer them on the ceramic.

The detail below is just…awesome.

To give you an idea, the height of this item is about 10cm tall and is priced at just £19.00 – rather good for something different and handmade afterall!

A great gift idea, which will find its use…for sure.