Taking place this year on 24th to 26th June 2011 – Glastonbury or Glasto as some people call the epic event,  is attracting loads of people who like music and more music.

But camping is also a big part of the weekend.

Tents and more tents on the horizon.

Sometimes not easy to see where yours is and having something bright may help. But to stand out the crowd, why not go for the officially licensed camper by Volkswagen which is an  exact replica (full size) of the 1965 VW Camper Van.

This updated tent version may be missing a motor, but it still as classic as the original one was.

As the tent can support 4 people, maybe a good plan to share the cost of it too. There are 2 separated double size rooms…a kind of palace.

So, prepare your cash and collect as much as you can….it will be £299.99 for the beauty which comes in Yellow, Red or Blue.

The bad news is that this item won’t be available before August 2011!!!!

So, it can be used for next year’s big weekend or even for the RTTS 2012…which takes place in Cornwall last weekend of May – a big concentration of VW lovers…ideal!