When you are cramped into economy class, you often peer wistfully through the curtain at those in first class.

However, first class fares can be more the twice the price of regular fares, so is the VIP treatment really worth the extra expense?

Summer holidays are almost here…so, let”s have a look!

Sometimes flying economy class can be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and downright exhausting.

You are cramped into a tiny seat for hours without enough leg room to stretch or enough elbow room to avoid awkwardly bumping the person next to you. You cannot lean your chair back without fear of breaking the nose of the passenger behind you. If you hope to get some sleep on the flight, good luck! People will be shuffling past your seat, reaching over you, or asking you to get up so that they can go to the bathroom for the eighteenth time, making it a miracle if you ever get an uninterrupted rest.

When you do wake up, you will be greeted by a strangely globular meal in a tiny metal tray, and a drink served in something not much larger than a shot glass. Unless you are on a long haul flight with something to watch on the television, all you can do in your mind numbing boredom is to stare at the lucky people who are living it up in First Class.

Having a first class seat minimizes the boring and uncomfortable experience of flying on an airplane as much as possible.

The seats are larger, more comfortable, and have much more leg room.

Some planes even have seats that convert into beds so that you can sleep on your journey or even a cosy cabin. For instance, Etihad Airways offers Diamond First class, Pearl Business class and Coral Economy class with great comfort.


Most airlines will offer free drinks for first class passengers, and you can expect to be waited on hand and foot with all the food and beverages that you desire.

Everything about first class is designed for your comfort and enjoyment, while everything about the economy class is designed for well… economy.

If the cost of the flight is going on your company expense account, by all means go for it and enjoy all that it has to offer.

However, if you are an independent traveller paying for your own tickets, is first class really that much better to justify costing so much?

Whether or not you are reclining in comfort and being brought endless free wine, you are still on an airplane.

You will still encounter the same turbulence that the rest of the passengers will, your ears will still pop uncomfortably during descent, and it will still take the same amount of time to reach the same destination as everyone else.

First class might be a lot nicer than economy, but they can’t change the fact that an airplane is an airplane.

If you are a big spender and really value your comfort, first class might be worth it.

However, for most people economy class is bearable and the price for first class is so much higher that you would probably get more luxury for your money if you spent the difference on a pricier hotel or a spa treatment at your destination.

Especially if the flight is only a few hours, the average traveller is better off spending their money on the ground instead.