Private banks have overcome their post-crisis aversion to private equity and hedge funds and are ploughing client money back into alternative assets in search of higher returns, according to a new study.(source:

Making higher returns is the hope of everyone. The interest rates are still low but wealth management for the ones who are able to do so, could be the right solution…but by taking some risks.

Is is worth taking these risks.  Wealth managers believe that it is the right time to push investments.

Mainly because, the amount of  portfolios held in cash has fallen from 11% to 4%  since the end of 2009, while fixed-income holdings also dropped slightly by 3%.

In general, private banks are careful with their clients’ investment portfolio.

The danger is that in order to make a commercial return with 2 layers of fees, it is necessary to find hedge funds that are taking more risk than you budgeted for.

Money is something precious and therefore it is essential to be careful the way it is handled.

Businesses and private investors want they money to work – however, there aren’t alternatives these days.

Trusting your bank is important despite of the recession which seems to be still around.