Everybody must have heard of the Turner Prize.

It is always a good theme for a social evening, because everyone has different opinions and debates can be animated.

…The four shortlisted artists present works in a show normally held at Tate Britain before the winner is announced in December…

Some people see this event as controversial, simply because of the nature of the arts represented for this occasion.

In the past, we saw the nominations of a shark in formaldehyde by Damien Hirst or a bed by Tracey Emin. There was also some criticism when Madonna – who was a guest of honour in 2001 – did the main speech & started to swear. This was inappropriate for such event.

Until now, the prize took place at  Tate Britain in London.

Things are changing. For the 2011 edition, it is all moved to the Baltic Mill on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead.

Channel4 will have a 30 minute show live from Baltic Centre on 5th December 2011 dedicated to the Turner Prize.

So arts are on the map for the end of 2011.

However, with such mediatised event there always are people against it! For instance, Brian Sewell (Evening Standard critic) & Matthew Collings.

Whatever, we think of the Turner Prize, the artists behind the works and the winner, arts can be seen as alternative investments.

More and more people are visiting art galleries and museums in order to get that cultural knowledge attached to modern and contemporary art. Another world of its own if you never put your nose in this type of environment.

Not always easy to understand but wonderful to discover.