Whether you are cooking, drinking, or making a cuppa the water quality is important.

The quality of drinking-water is a powerful environmental determinant of health.

In the news, it is reported that Dubai families started to switch to filtered tap water.

Some families have been using up to 60 litres of bottled water per week.

The initial fear was related to the amount of chemicals added to the tap water because extracted from the sea: it was then used just for showers and cleaning.

Source: visual.ly

After some test carried out, it is also safe for drinking.

…Tap water in Dubai comes from a process in which the salts that are dissolved in seawater are removed, making it fit for human consumption… source: the national

However, some residents are still very cautious due to a kind of bug which was in the tap water in May 2011 (waterborne amoebi)

Some reports are pointing the finger at the distribution network and maintenance of water tanks and pipes in each building.

The answer to the problem was to install filters and all seems good as bacteria are removed.

It all comes down to the filtration of the water. Bottled water is not always better for your health.

So whether you travel to the USA, UAE or Europe make sure that the water you use is the best otherwise just switch temporary to bottled water.

Afterall, water is what makes a good brew whether it is tea or coffee. You wouldn’t like to have a nice cuppa with an earthy after taste, would you?