Forget chain coffee shops, it’s time to enter a world of bespoke coffee craftsmen.

Well, there are more and more independent coffee shops and even bikes selling pure brew (check BikeCaffé facebook or Twitter page: the chap is just back from a Berlin experience).

Whether you are in England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland, it seems that the demand is on coffee rather than tea. Coming soon in Edinburgh is Brew Lab Coffee – The Twitter account is there too. Nothing better than a social media network to know what’s going on…wherever you are.

But in London, there is nude espresso.

…London’s leading micro-roastery.
Stirred by a passion for freshness,
quality and exceptional taste. We deliver
a coffee worth waking up next to…

A place to taste good beans – in fact 2 places:

26 Hanbury St – London E1 6QR

19 Soho Square – London W1D 3QN

Same here the Twitter is boiling too – as well as the nude espresso Facebook.

The great thing about all these new coffee places is that there is no competition like some big groups could have. They are all different…providing good fresh goods.

Up to you to explore, discover, compare and pick what you prefer.

Can you spot the man hidden in the beans?