Exeter in Devon has a lot to offer.

A few years ago the entire commercial district was rebuilt. Princesshay is nowadays all clean, modern, with a lot of glass and open spaces. Big chains rule the wide exclusively pedestrian sector.

The restaurant quarter is, nevertheless cyclist too. Same thing here, chains and big names such as Café Rouge, Carluccios, Wagamama… But at least this gives a palette of flavour and culture to the almost clinical feel of the city.

At the end of High Street, you can’t miss two huge glass buildings: Next and JohnLewis (opening planned for 12th October 2012).

But let’s forget the big players and concentrate on the local businesses which deliver taste and fresh coffee. By Central Station, there is The Exploding Bakery: a kind of mix between a little coffee shop and a bakery making fresh produces for other retailers with the availability to order online as well.

But recently open is Devon Coffee Shop located on Queen Street, near the Guildhall Shopping Centre. Initially trading on fairs and markets, it is now a shop too. To follow all the news @coffeedevon.


This place is quirky, because as raw as possible with wood panels covering the walls –  the seating area with tables is nice and cosy. However, you can always just take your dinks away when passing-by to catch your bus, train or on your way to work.

New coffee shop with friendly staff and boss. A great combination!

As you can see on the picture above, the shop window is full of fresh sandwiches for lunch, or cakes and flapjacks for afternoon delights.

Having local shops opening and getting customers straight away without real marketing strategy in place, is actually very pleasing! Some people may say it is a kind of gamble! But is it? If your first clients are  satisfactied rapidly it is surely a sign of instant success?! Of course investment management is necessary but if the idea is good from the start, it can’t go wrong, can it?

Too many companies want to invade the market, crush others and sell in big quantities without caring about the customers. In the case of Devon Coffee, it is the entire opposite: you are a person and not a number. Steve (the owner) makes time to chat while serving with a smile.

Basically, you feel welcome – respected and this coffee shop makes you want to come back for more.

So, if you are around Exeter, say hello to Steve and his crew – if you wish to get that experience.