Customer service is important, whether on the phone, in a store or restaurant. Eye contact is the first signal that the sales assistant cares about what he or she does. There is also the telephonic smile and nod.

Unfortunatley, due to a lack of training some employees don’t actually see that something is missing when talking to a client or guest, according to the job.

It is a bit like the “alright mate” rather than “can I help you“. Why actually not giving respect to someone visiting a business. A client is not a mate – it is a person who actually helps a company to survive.

Some high profile companies such as Coutts London private bank like to combine and vary their activities. It is about finance in the first place but also related to sponsorship & social investment – also more recently regarding digital services.

One of the rather impressive collaboration is with the London Victoria & Albert Museum.

And the chosen theme had nothing to do with bank notes, shares or bonds…but it is about ballgowns!

So, if this is not going the extra mile…what could it be called?

The Financial Times has even written a full article:

…Coutts, whose clients include the Queen, offers its clients a digital platform called the “Knowledge Exchange” where entrepreneurs can share information about running a business…

The bank is actually listening to what customers are after. But, this event at the V&A is having something similar to a fashion show until 6th January 2013.

The show features more than 60 gowns from the 1950s to the present day, with some on loan from contemporary designers, including Giles Deacon and Stella McCartney, and up-and-comers Craig Lawrence and Felicity Brown.

Erdem Moralioglu created this strapless yellow full skirted gown as part of his AW/08 collection – Photo by David Hughes

The bank HQ located on The Strand in London is completely different from its competitors:  clients were offered the opportunity to preview a selection of gowns before they went on display at the prestigious museum.

So if this kind of service was given to wealthy customers banking at Coutts what could a coffeeshop offer to give something special to its regular clients?

More than just a flake but something they would keep and re-use maybe?