Spending 7hrs/day or more at work depending on the industry is rather impressive when stepping back and observing all this time given away in order to be able to have a decent lifestyle.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to overwork…if it is paid as overtime it can be a winner. But, with the ongoing tight economy it is unlikely. Employers usually prefer to give an extra day-off rather than forking out the cash that so many are lacking.

The trouble is that when working too many hours, accident(s) can happen. It is neither good for the employee nor for the boss.

Here is what you need to know about injuries at work.

According to some statisitics over the past year,  there were 591,000 people who suffered from work related incident. The consequence: days off for some and even weeks for others. This means the absenteeism could bring bad news for the productivity of the business.

One of the many ways you can make sure that you are properly compensated is to contact experts who could tell you how much is your claim worth. Solicitors will not play against your employer but will help and support you regarding the paperwork. All can be done via a phonecall and sometimes even online by using these clever chat boxes.

Many employees are anxious about this particular process but there is no real reason. Even if you are working for a family business (small company), liability insurance will cover claims that need to be made.

Injuries at work infographic

Infographic by Atrium Legal

Working in catering is different from “just” sitting at a desk. Not saying that working in an office is easy but the hours are usually 9 to 5 with some exceptions. Restaurants and hotels can have long hours and shifts too. Dealing with general public and anything related to hospitality is about the people first. The hours on the premises don’t really count.

So for office workers: Some injuries are related to  RSI (Repetitve Strain Injury). All this, because working on a screen and therefore using a keyboard and a mouse. Ergonomics is very important these days. Unfortunately, office furniture is too often too basic. How many people complaining about back pain do you know? Are they sitting down most of the day? This should not be accepted when starting a job! Employers spend money for the state-of-the-art computers whether there are PCs or MACs but strangely not on soft and well designed chairs which should support backs and arms to avoid RSI!

There are about half a million cases reported annually. One of the main problems about this condition is that not everyone is aware with the links causes/consequences of RSI.

Ergonomics infographic

But if you feel that something is not right: talk to your employer in the first place and contact your GP for a health check. If the diagnosis reveals that you are suffering from RSI, then get in touch for some personal injury advice.

Such mild tensions in your wrists can lead to more severe pain such as tendonitis. When treated correctly and early enough it will go back to normal. However, waiting too long and it could last for the rest of your life.

All injuries or health related issues which occur in the workplace must be taken seriously. It is always worth having a chat with your line manager to report the situation which could be a future problem for yourself and the company too. It could result in a loss or earnings and sadly early retirement too.