Most of us like to look at shop windows.

In the past few years displays have changed. Initially, there were just mannequins and price tags.


But businesses needed to upgrade their skills to show something new and innovate rather than imitate.

Nowadays, the big stores spend fortunes to have this eye-catching double take effect.

Harrods, Selfridges, Hackett or Liberty to name just a few who do this kind of almost avant-garde décor with a touch of “je ne sais quoi” with great class.  NB: For info it seems good to put some French expressions when talking fashion and design

Anyway, some photographers are also going that way for their shots. It is all about being in front of the queue.

As a first example, Agan Harahap went for something really different for a series of photographs titled “Garden Fresh”.

It is all about blending the difficult and almost ambiguous relationship between humans and animals sharing the same habitat and environment.

Agan Harahap

Agan Harahap

However,  the second example is about a high profile London private bank which likes to have striking visual impact too.

Coutts located on the Strand near Charing Cross has a huge glass window with regular second-to-none themes. It goes from sponsored events to charity or art related subjects.

Coutts Strand Nightshot

Recently, the bank was in the news for their skyline garden.

But probably the most interesting was the celebration of the 50 years of Jaguar E-Type – with a real car in the entrance hall. Something rather magic and this can be called thinking outside the box.

A rather impressive operation to get such an iconic car safely with not scratches through the doors of The Queen’s Bank.

This kind of interior design attracted a lot of interests from car collectors, dealers and tourists too.

Last but not least, London Sketch Restaurant.