When going to a new business whether a store or restaurant, the first impression is important.

Sometimes and too often the décor can be very innovative with a lot of inspiration from the designers. However, the service given needs to be at the same level – or above expectation.

This means that hiring the right person for the job is important and the internal training will make the difference.

Again…some employers decide to hire a young person without experience for a low(er) wage.  A more experience employee would certainly request a higher salary but the service will or should be proportional to this extra knowledge.

Having a crew of 5 badly trained people is worse than just having 2 perfectly qualified assistants.

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t see it this way. Managing Directors and Financial Departments will rather look at what comes out the bank account at the end of the month than the qualification of the personnel. In fact, it is not and shouldn’t be about the amount of staff member but the quality of the service they deliver.

Let’s say that you are going to the opening of a restaurant/brasserie, the space looks great with very unusual furniture and colours. The place is vibrant and the atmosphere buzzing without being too noisy. The menu is rather extravagant and all dishes are mouth-watering.

When it is time to get served and looked after by the food and beverage team, it can be disappointing! Why? If the restaurant tables have been incorrectly allocated and the place is crowded – as all new eaterie do – it can be mayhem to get the food out in time…a kind of live panic attack on a big scale.

keep calm and dont panic mug

Logistics in such business is essential to put the guests at ease and avoid confusion within the restaurant/bar/kitchen. Unfortunately, this happens (too) often.

Investing in the look of the venue is needed, of course – but in depth training is essential for a great and memorable time for the clients and employees too.  No one wants to go to work backwards because it is constant chaos and for a business point of view,  its eminence would drop significantly if nothing is sorted rapidly.

The aim of each company is to improve their services in order to get better and gain a great image and even be reviewed in the local and national press for the great satisfaction of the Owner/Manager.

This means,  whether you are visiting a place once a year or once a week, the entire experience should ALWAYS be similar.

It is up to the Direction to manage correctly all employees to avoid negative comments from end-users. And this is a rule of thumb for everyone even for call centre agents who have to deal with the same question again and again – but their job is to make to caller happy even if that query has been heard 10 times in the last 2 hours. No one wants to be disappointed and remember that we are all in the same position of being a customer. From working in the glamorous design/fashion industry to dealing on a daily basis with something more serious/specific  like private medical cover; we don’t repeat it enough but the consistency and standard of services are what make or break a reputation.