We know how important it is to have spotless kitchens, sinks and storage units. There is no room for uncleaned areas in catering.

Something rather revolutionary just happened; thanks to Dyson.

A Dyson tap including dryer too…it is high tech and this could change the future of health & hygiene, clean hands and disappearance of bacterias and even cross-contamination.

Of course, this gem would be a real investment but quality is never cheap and as Sir James Dyson declared; the device will give long term savings because less hot air dryers and paper or fabric towels in relevant places, from toilets to kitchens and bathrooms.

Dyson tap dryer combo

Price tag: £1,000!

It is a new era of taps! Infrared sensors, stainless steel head unit, air jet (430mph). It is tremendous!

When the Dyson airblade came on the markets in 2006, people couldn’t believe the actual benefit of it. Same with magical and well designed air mutliplier fan.

James Dyson can be classified as a designer, entrepreneur, businessman but his main ambition is to simplify and improve our daily lives and tasks by gaining time. All his products have proved to do a great job after a lot of effort and research.

When you think that developping this new tap required 100 engineers and over £26.9 million, no wonder that the asking price is so high! But what you will get from it, will only be positive!

Dyson tap fan dryer

Remember when Apple Mac came on the markets…and even now, these computers are way more expensive than tradional PCs but people go for it for the brand and the customer service…this is also important! The end-users’ satisfaction will make the product successful, even if the cost to get it is higher than normal.

It is more than just a tap – it is a tool (not a gadget) which will change lives and could decrease things such as illnesses. This means that by having no contact at all with the device, bacterias won’t spread and consequently the absenteeism/sicknesss of the work force of an office or restaurant shouldn’t be affected. Spending that much money can be seen as a huge sum but if this product brings  positive results for the employer, it is a real winner as he won’t have to struggle due to a lack of staff when running his/her company.

Having a business also means improving to be the best whether for the employees or the customers, to face the ongoing competition from around the corner. Purchasing a Dyson hand-drying airbalde water tap would naturally require a capital investment in order to get the entire system installed correctly but this could also be a source of attraction/retention for existing and potentially new clients.

All details, but mainly such unusual luxury items could change the life and profile of a company.