Spring is when life returns after the long, dark winter and with it colour starts coming back to the world. The sun starts shining again, warming the ground, plants push up green sprouts and trees unfurl shiny new leaves. With all this riot of colour why not add a bit of it to your wardrobe?

Spring Daffodil Collection
Spring Daffodil Collection by gossipfever featuring linen scarves
Daffodils are usually the first plants to push out their heads, heralding the return of spring with their golden blooms. If you’re going to bring some colour back to your wardrobe after the dark layers of winter then why not take inspiration from these eager flowers and dress in bright yellows and oranges. A plain yellow dress, such as these by Harvey Nichols, gives a simple backdrop onto which you can add colourful accessories such as scarves or bulky jewellery.
Blue Skies
Blue Skies by gossipfever featuring puredkny
After the heavy clouds and rain and snow of winter one of the nicest things about Spring is the emergence of blue skies and warming sun again. An arching blue sky full of fluffy white clouds clears away the last grey dregs of Winter and revitalises. So why not breath a bit of fresh air into your wardrobe by putting together some sky blue outfits. Complement them with a comfortable pair of shoes, such as these by Hotter Shoes, that are perfect for going for walks in the warming weather.
Woolly Lamb Collection
Woolly Lamb Collection by gossipfever featuring sparkly tops
Something that truly says that Spring is here is the sight of fluffy woollen lambs gambolling in green fields! Why not take a bit of inspiration from these cute creatures by indulging in soft creamy wools. It’s also practical as, although Spring does see the return of warm weather, there can still be a chill in the air in the early months of the year, so a fleecy waistcoat such as this from Dorothy Perkins makes a  snug over layer.