Your office does not have to be all professional looking just because it is where you work.

With the following pieces of furniture, your office will have a personality, and you will find it to be more conducive to a pleasant working environment, among other things.

Ergonomics infographic

The Milk Table is super-duper cool not only because it complements Apple products but because it is specifically designed to serve multiple purposes. The Milk Table has four compartments that you can use for storage–an aquarium can be placed in one of them. Your office will become easier to work in as you use this futuristic desk, which is capable of eliminating clutter in your workspace.

In a lot of ways, the Wing Desk is similar to the Milk Table because (for one) it is multifunctional and beyond distinctive. What is more, it brings a part of history to the present. The Wing Desk is a wing from a 1944 DC-3 plane. Its style is truly impressive and bound to pay dividends in some way. Perhaps it will spark some innovative ideas within you, helping you to realize and unlock your full potential.

Chances are the Saddle Chair defies what you consider to be ideal office furniture. The reason is that the Saddle Chair has a design that is unlike anything else on the market. It also is ergonomic and rather stylish, so whether you physically use it or not, the chair is a great investment. Aside from capturing everyone’s attention, the Saddle Chair will enable you to sit upright in the position that promotes excellent blood circulation in your legs.

Bean Bags are comfortable to sit on and fun to play with for hours. Moreover, you can place them in a zillion positions as well as use them for years to come. Your office can be your oasis. With four big bean bags strategically placed around a coffee table, you will be set to sit through long meetings and handle your business in complete comfort.

Granted, making your office a lovable place is the main focus, but you should not jeopardize your safety for anything. Investing in the wrong furniture is one decision that will, sooner than later, do more harm than good. The reason is that such furniture increases your chances of suffering a personal injury. If you are hurt, you run the risk of losing out on business opportunities. Always keep this in mind when you are shopping for cool furniture: invest wisely!