You can buy almost everything online these days: accessories worth a few pennies or even extremely expensive objects.

We are going to concentrate on the latter.

But there are also dedicated online auction sites.

Probably the most famous and safe is called eBay.

Anyone can be part of it and observe all progress from home or a even a mobile touchscreen device…less intimidating if you have never attended a real auction.

Sometimes it is good to get a real bargain. However, you can also invest in some rather rare items as well.

Coutts boxes eBay Auction

Coutts London private bank, organised a rather original event with designer jewellery boxes.

…A grand total of £12,731 was made from the online lot, with designer Jimbobart’s animal-inspired box fetching the highest bid of £3,103…

And it wasn’t just about selling to cash-in some money but the aim was to help and support The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts as well as Holts Academy of Jewellery.

Coutts boxes eBay

A few celebrities were also part of that sensational sale: from Paul Smith to designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen – in fact they were some of the designers.

Coutts boxes and celebrities

If this type of social activity is increasing and becomes so  popular, would that mean that real auctions will disappear the same way as High Street businesses are closing their doors to leave an empty space?

Is the future all about digital activities and online transactions? Of course, there will be some exceptions.

Thankfully,  coffeeshops will always keep their places…unless you want to go for the cheap and bitter taste of an instant brew!!!

Remember that whatever you go for quality doesn’t come cheap, but this is what makes the difference and the pricetag is usually worth the extra.