For some reasons coffee is associated to cycling and coffee shops to internet access.

The British culture is changing drastically and coffee has replaced the traditional cup of tea. But is Britain in the search of something more continental?

Customers like to have their cappuccino or latte al fresco…despite of the rather humid and wet weather that the United Kingdom can experience.

WIth the huge expansion of the coffee culture and this – almost – obsession when it comes to cupping classes and other latte art competitions, customers want and expect the  best of everything. Even if not directly related to the coffee shop itself.

How many times people order a brew and ask “have you got wi-fi?

Of course, everything is digital and online but is it mandatory to have that internet access free for all when it comes to meet up in a social and public place?

Wifi Friend or Foe infographic

Is the internet not destroying/damaging the real buzz and life in a business serving people, who are originally going there to talk to each other and create that friendly and cosy atmosphere?

Just check around you when waiting for the bus, queueing at the supermarket and just walking in the street how many shoppers/commuters have their eyes glued to a touchscreen device. It is all happening and the interaction on social media is increasing. A great progress for the technology but maybe a decrease in face-to-face communication because our lives are online, blending with so called Facebook friends, we have actually never met and could just tell you what they want and maybe even registered under a fake name?!

What about clearing all this irrelevant clutter and time wasted putting messages and photos about your personal decisions and moves?

Well…this is all easy to say.

With the announcement on the 10th September 2013 of the iPhone5s…Apple fans will go online to pre-order the product (from £549.00) to make sure to be in the first batch to get it. Are people becoming slave of the 21st century technology? Are they spending all that cash on electronic devices going from PlayStations, flat screen TVs, tablets and even worse; accessories to protect their computers from scratches! These are just objects but what about caring for something more valuable…like your real friends and family? Will there be a kind of saturation and boredom as people always want new and exciting gadgets?

With manufacturers bringing on the market better design but mainly faster products giving the owner the opportunity to shop online and check train times or get that free voucher from anywhere, most retailers have to find a kind of investment deal with the internet providers to get that connection fitted and keep customers happy.

High Street or even hidden lanes businesses have to keep things up-to-date or their clientele could just decide to go elsewhere because the stream/speed of the online information is not satisfactory.

Coffee shops are the new cyber cafés from the 90s. If there is no internet it seems to be an issue, because some “busy” people can’t disconnect even for a coffee/tea break and get involved with the world around them. This is how things are going…connected 24/7 in case we are missing something.

Going online and checking e-mails or the news are common activities. But what about your quality of life and well being? In the past, cafés and pubs had a newspaper shelf that everybody shared – there could have been animated debates about the headlines in the politics or sports pages. All this has now gone.

Finally, a survey reported that internet addiction is linked to depression (according to a BBC article). Surely, putting the tools down for a few minutes when enjoying a deserved flat white with a slice of cake away from your desk, is a therapeutic effect to recharge your “batteries”.

Coffee culture is not about hitting that Cloud, but sitting around a table or in comfy sofa and getting that caffeine hit.

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