Our Team is going to go Shoreditch bound in a week time…Blending with some hipsters (no offence) coffee geeks and fixed gear passionate. Spin x LCF Xmas 2013 is on for 3 days.

SpinLCF2013 logo

A great idea to meet pros and experts.

It is all happening there:

89 & 1/2 Worship Street

spinldn x LdnCoffeefest

Something different and new but all under the same roof. Whether you are a cyclist AND/OR a coffee lover, everyone will be happy.

Who knows there might be some interesting deals too… checking the exhibitors’ list is rather exciting.

East London has been booming for a while after having been almost forgotten. Of course, Brick Lane is the path that everybody knows. But there is more to it. Cosy and idependent stores are making that area unique and peculiar. BrickLaneCoffee is one of the place to check…just a few minutes away from Nude Espresso and slightly more hidden DunneFrankowski.

DunneFrankowski - Portrait

The atmosphere at The Yard should just be unique…a bit like meeting up with people with the same tastes, which you never met before but are already mutual friends.

The property management team is dealing with all details related to the organization and everything is ticking perfectly like clockwork.

The Yard Shoreditch

There will be the smell of fresh coffee, the noise of steamed milk, the jargon related to cycle parts without going too far and mainly no corporate attitude which can be too stiff and then destroy that comfortable atmosphere/ambiance.

Getting your ticket for the event is possible either on line or on the door (slightly more expensive – but still affordable).

So, just a few days (actually a week) to wait and it should be similar to a big family reunion – maybe even better in fact. The only downside maybe is the early wake-up call to jump on that train… but well worth it.

Public transports ickets are ready and all itinerary is planned. With a few spare hours – afterwards – there will be a mandatory visit to Attendant, before heading back to the Southwest.

Can’t wait…