The world is moving fast and even faster since the improvement of technology devices such as smartphones and tablets. Able to check various news and order products for next day and EVEN same day delivery.

However, when you are going into town visiting your local traders, things can be slower but there is a real interaction between regulars. Some people do have a daily routine. For instance, getting up then buying a newspaper and the eventual cup of tea/coffee with a pastry. In fact, a lot of individuals do have  such habit. Imagine then, how a barista can feel when suddenly there is a flow of customers at the same time – for a short period.

Even if the barista is highly skilled and fast, there is one thing which is essential for an excellent espresso with milk: time for the perfect velvety texture.

Flat white and latte art

So what is the ongoing situation that baristas are facing? The pressure inflicted by impatient customers, who are in a rush during their lunch break or have a train to catch in 3 minutes!!!

This procedure is what will make or break your latte, flat white or cappuccino.

Craft coffee is about delivering consistent quality from the first drink to the last one of the day.

Of course, it can be frustrating to step into a coffee shop and to see three or four people queueing in front of you. But all of these coffee drinkers and caffeine lovers want the same finish – which will bring comfort and a sense of bespoke hot drink made before their eyes.

People don’t seem to be able to wait and be patient – anymore – to get that “something special“. Quality can not be obtained by going fast(er). As a prime example: microwaved and processed food will never be as good as a homemade dish. But indeed, it takes time.

But things don’t stop there. It also takes about 3 minutes for a filter coffee. The extraction time is longer and the flavour as well as the aroma can’t be compared with a 20 second americano. Sadly…some people don’t get this difference as they are JUST after a coffee.

The situation of impatience can be found absolutely everywhere and in all industries.

The customer is always right” according to the saying. It is sure that without a network of clients a business is nothing. Nevertheless, if there is a queue – or a waiting list – it surely means that quality products are supplied. Why would people stand in an espresso bar for a few minutes and pay for a service, if what they get is mediocre?

It is all logical when looking at it from outside as an observer.

Why do we choose coffee shops

It is similar if you ask to have a new logo created by a graphic and web design company in order to rebrand your business. Some samples/ideas/suggestions will be send within 48 hours maybe, but to get the right fonts, colours and overall layout, it can sometimes take a couple weeks, according to the guidelines and workload too.  Again…this can seem long but the final result will be perfect, and the wait is generally worth it.

Finally, customers stepping into a coffee shop choose to do so and whether there is a queue or not, it is their choice to push the door. If then, there is a wait to get a take-away or to drink-in and they have to dash for whatever the reason, it is in the first place up to them to get their time management right. The barista including other staff members are always aware when customers are waiting and genuinely do care to make each drink unique and special.

Nowadays, it is no more about pressing a button and a tasteless but hot drink is poured into a cup  in 10 seconds, the UK Barista Championship is here to prove that making coffee is about talent, passion and patience!

Queue outside Monmouth coffee shop