Each profession has a stereotype. It can be about manners, attitude and the overall appearance too. This is also applicable for the barista (not the barrister).

There is nothing wrong to fit into a category. It is just about showing that you belong to a community of people able to produce a crafted drink, unique and personal but with a personal touch too.

It is not about judging someone – but the pride of being part of what makes our Society going around, and improving the economy too.

Is there a barista stereotype?

What comes to people’s mind are:

  • full or part sleeves tattoo,
  • unusual haircuts for the girls,
  • beards for the boys.

Barista stereotypes

It is not a trend but something very special to the profession. Serving coffee and actually making coffee by respecting the correct process is a real art. Not all customers are aware that adjusting the espresso machine and the grinder is essential to get the right espresso – and this can occur 2 or 3 times per day – each day. Then comes the milk into the equation.

Texturing and stretching the milk depending on the drink is another skill. In other words, a cappuccino is not a latte and vice-versa.

…Things that are made by hand take time to be made correctly. If you can’t curb your impatience, make it yourself at home… Source

Coffee shop cortado

It is very easy to detect a barista off-duty: usually hanging around coffee shop because their daily job is an extension of their life. To become a good coffee maker, passion and commitment is necessary. It is not just about pressing buttons but meeting the customers’ expectations and delivering that standard whether it is for the first drink of the day or the last one. There are also so many different roasters and that some beans from Rwanda will taste different from the ones coming from Ethiopia or Columbia.

It is important to be able to guide the customer according to his/her tastes, a bit exactly like a sommelier.

In coffee shops or other public spaces, it is generally easy to identify which individuals will pull a traditional laptop or Mac out from their bags as well… that’s another stereotype.

PCs Vs MACs Users infographicClick HERE for larger version

The allure and image can be misleading, unless there is a dedicated uniform for the employee.

Nowadays, employers are slightly more flexible regarding what the staff is wearing. The black trousers and white shirt are still around but it is disappearing slowly for more casual and comfortable outfits.

Afterall, what counts is the customer service, the skills and the ultimate coffee experience – the rest is secondary, isn’t it?