London Coffee Fest April 2014

An event which will bring all coffee lovers under a roof. There will be some beards, tattoos and fixed gear bikes too…because coffee culture is a lifestyle too – not a trend! This needed to be clarified.

Regarding the ‘What’s On” section, it is full of good things for caffeine drinkers.

But what is even more exciting is the UKBC 2014…with rather excellent competitors:

  • Maxwell Colonna Dashwood
  • Dale Harris
  • John Gordon
  • Darryl Docherty
  • Estelle Bright
  • Joe Meagher
  • Dan Fellows
  • Diana Johnston
  • Heidi Beeton
  • Ewan Osprey-Allan
  • Casper Steel
  • Don Altizo
  • Imogen Ludman
  • Steve Pearson
  • Alex Passmore
  • Chris Walton
  • Emiliya Yordonova
  • Mark Williams
  • Jason Gonzalez
  • Laura Holmes

Sanremo is the proud sponsor of this year’s Barista Championship.

What a lot of regular customers aren’t aware of is the complexity of coffee making: it’s essential to control the variables.

Running a coffee shop or espresso bar is not a game but a commitment. Starting early, finishing late and this includes weekends. There is also the equipment, which needs to be reliable and this includes:

  • the espresso machine,
  • the grinder(s),
  • the tamper.

There has been a kind of craze for the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder…it looks good but might not be the right tool for the job. Anyway, some had it and then decided to return to something more conventional.

Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder

Setting up such business requires passion, dedication and investments (physical and financial). The hardest is certainly to get the right premises. There are so many coffee shops around a city, it is comparable with getting on the property ladder – the location will make or break your project.

However, anyone can enter the UKBC, even if you don’t work as a barista.  This is what makes this competition interesting.

A busy weekend ahead:

…With over 20,000 visitors expected, The London Coffee Festival promises to be an unmissable event for discerning coffee lovers and those working in the coffee scene…Source

Located in Brick Lane (the heart of East London hipster headquarter), it is a vibrant and arty area of the Capital too. The Old Truman’s Brewery can’t be missed and it is just around Rough Trade Records too.

A good opportunity to visit this part of London, a lot of people have heard of Shoreditch but never managed to jump on that Tube line leading to Liverpool Street station. It is not that far and there are real gems there. Slightly less commercial but a lot of quaint boutiques and delightful food: a paradise if you like bagels and curry houses.