Always remember that when you are stepping into a shop, you are a guest, a customer and respecting the premises and the staff is essential. It doesn’t make you the king of the castle!

For some unknown reason, some (not all) regular customers like to be friend with the barista. It is understandable that he/she is making you a nice and delightful coffee every day/morning. However, the barista is a profession and getting his/her name won’t change the quality of the drink. Of course, it is always good to know something about the person on the other side of the counter. But, sometimes a barista likes to be known as “the barista”. It is a (demanding) job…yes, it is indeed.

Running a coffee shop, is not just about steaming milk, pulling espresso shots. There is the constant politeness and customer service whether it is for the first drink of the day or the 300th!

It happens (too often) that some customers believe they can have what they want and fast!

In general there is a drinks’ menu and THIS is what is made by the barista. It takes roughly 1 minute 30 seconds, unless you go for a pour over (filter) or aeropress. Once again, going to an espresso bar and making your own recipe is indirectly breaking the rules.

Aeropress stages

Aeropress stages

Would you go to a restaurant to pick a dish from the menu but ask to have it modified with extra additions?! Probably not! Same rules apply!

Same rules apply

Same rules apply

You can be polite and amicable with members of staff wherever you go, knowing their name won’t affect the quality of the service. This is just an idea from the general public.

Unless the barista introduces him/herself , there is no need to know more details about the person making you a crafted coffee day-in day-out.

In other words, a barista (/bəˈrɪstə/) is a person making and serving coffee as a profession. Skills and knowledge are necessary to do so – otherwise anyone would be able to produce perfectly made cappuccino, latte or flat white.

There is a complete article which has been published in the Telegraph about this kind of attitude towards the hipster making you your daily dose of caffeine – read HERE.

Video by Origin Coffee Roasters