A lot of coffee drinkers (not tasters) just like coffee for what it brings: energy, stimulant and comfort.

Some aren’t even aware that coffee is a fruit and before being roasted it is a green bean which has been carefully hand picked, washed, dried and selected after a strict process of harvest.

When a barista starts to speak to a customer about coffee cupping, there is sometimes this strange look as if these two people aren’t from the same planet. Coffee is more than just a dark liquid with a lovely crema!!!

Why aren’t cuppings more common and public – like wine tasting can be?!

Is it to keep something precious, unique and exclusive? Shouldn’t be new coffees be accessible to all coffee lovers?!

How to define a “coffee lover“? It is certainly not someone who:

  • adds sugar in a cup
  • likes the taste of syrup
  • wants cream and/or marshmallow
  • asks to have a flat white extra hot
  • requires chocolate sprinkles on a cappuccino
  • is after milk (hot or cold) when getting a filter
  • desires an extra hot espresso (yes…this happens).

It is not just about drinking and smelling the coffee, but TASTING it!

Coffee cupping sessions are for the time being maybe something strictly reserved to connoisseurs… There is in fact nothing arrogant/pretentious about it. It is not a cult, but a kind of serious and for some individuals a geeky meetup to analyze the intricate beauty of coffee, in order to describe the actual subtlety which makes a single origin special!

If things were better understood by the current drinkers – who would eventually become tasters – cuppings might then become a new social gathering and alternative to evenings at the pub around a pint and a packet of pork scratchings.