Living in the 21st century where so many things are allowed and tolerated but breastfeeding seems to remain a taboo.

Each mother with a newborn needs to feed the baby at some point during the day. Breastfeeding is the most natural way to do so. Meanwhile, some people are uncomfortable when a woman is naturally giving milk to her son/daughter.

How can this be such an issue and bring controversial debates, conversations and mainly… arguments!

It is important to clarify the following: breastfeeding is not related to nudity. It is motherhood!

Nudity is all over the internet and accessible to all, but no one seems worried or offended to see pictures of celebrities in bikinis or male models advertising their new collection of underwear. How can a mother giving her breast to a baby be perceived as rude and not politically correct?! The paradox being that people are not getting offended about huge billboards of women in lingerie. Or page 3 models – thankfully this one is over. Both of these displays of nudity are public,  yet rarely you hear a complaint.

Some mothers have been named and shamed, asked to leave restaurants and other public spaces because it was that time of the day where their little one needed milk!

Then, it is not uncommon to walk into an espresso bar and see a sticker on the door, informing the clientèle that this particular space is breastfeeding friendly!

Breastfeeding friendly sticker

Breastfeeding friendly sticker

It is as if, the view of a woman having her child drinking her own milk is making people feel uncomfortable. When the only thing she is doing is a mother’s instinct, which is about making sure that her offspring is happy and healthy. has even published a clear article about feeling more confident when breastfeeding in public – full details available HERE.

What is more annoying; a screaming child who wants something to eat/drink or a quiet shared public space where everyone has peace and quiet? Surely the latter!

As another example: would you prefer to share a table with someone reading an adult magazine or a mother (breast)feeding a few weeks old baby? What is more acceptable – knowing that we are constantly bombarded by half naked pictures of men or women (no need to mention Kim Kardashian’s derriere which “broke the internet“)!

Have people lost touch with the real sense and values of life? Why could such thing go viral? Why follow the flock of irrelevant social media streams? Thankfully, some people decided to make a fool of the original image – no point of putting such image here,  as everyone must have seen it.

In some/many instances, the general public likes to make a point just for the sake of it. Even when the argument has no real foundation. It is all about getting in the press and stirring things. Almost like a tick on a check list: “did that and proud of it“.

Getting a new approach/vision of life should be considered, rather than being stuck in a virtual world where real and fake friends are mixed up – then starts from square one.

Breastfeeding is neither a fashion movement nor a hipster behaviour. It is part of the circle birth – life – death. Of course, some parents like to dress up their children in a cool manner and babywear outfits have changed in the same way as our lifestyles: colourful and easy going!

It will be difficult to actually change people, because there will always be some individuals against the fact that a baby needs to be fed anywhere and anytime… whenever it is necessary! All this is not new.

MAGNI, Giuseppe, (Italian, 1869-1956): Interior Family Scene with Mother and Three daughters by an Open Window

MAGNI, Giuseppe, (Italian, 1869-1956): Interior Family Scene with Mother and Three daughters by an Open Window