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Finding the right balance between ambient noise and background music is rather important, in order to have all kind of customers happy during these essential and busy opening hours.

The way the shop is design is important too.

If the ceiling is too high, it will sound like a canteen or a type of train station departure lounge. No one wants to be uncomfortable when trying to relax and meeting friends. Therefore the acoustic is another detail to consider. A coffee shop is and should remain that special place to enjoy a nice cup of tea/coffee and cakes. It is not a meeting room where tables can be monopolized and only one drink is purchased. It is a work place and primarily a business.

…So why is “work” considered spiritual, but not “business”? Both are things you practice daily, both are things for getting stuff done, both are perfectly ways of expressing our highest selves… Source


Having fun while working is the best way to progress rapidly and positively. If your customers/clients are happy and your employees as well as yourself feel that buzz, it is a winner. Setting the right mood will bring success.

Some people keep saying “work hard play hard“. Is this actually applicable?

What about “give happiness receive happiness“!?

Music can’t be annoying or have high BPM. It is up to the person in charge to get this right. The food and drink can be the best but if that atmosphere is unhealthy, it will be a real fiasco!

The esthetic is essential; it is about finding the right sound which will blend the best in this peculiar space.

It can be compared with the work of a graphic design studio. The feel and look of the overall design need to be comfortable to look at; not too heavy but still memorable.

If a shop (whatever the products or services) has no music, the final touch will be missing. It is certain, that it is hard to please everyone. But, a neutral musical wall will get a personal finish – it doesn’t need to be loud or even be in the charts. What people want is to feel at ease when talking, listening and reading. It mustn’t disturb or be received like an intruder.

Some shops do have über loud sound systems to feed customers’ ears – what is the reason behind it? Maybe two explanations for it:

1/ to attract customers inside and make them feel welcome, especially since some stores have a person greeting them

2/ to get that flow going; staying in to buy then go and avoiding to have too many individuals on the shop floor.

Some fast-food restaurants play different type of music according to the time of the day. When peak-time, it is usually louder and a faster tempo is noticeable. The aim is obvious: control cleverly the time that people will stay. Almost a subliminal message dictated by the rhythm and beats.

However, more and more shoppers are on the move with their own mp3, cutting themselves from the outside world and missing what is actually occurring around them. Maybe not the best option?!

This brings the question: how would people behave and react if shops/stores remained silent?

Brand Brauer Frick has collaborated with Danae Diaz – born in Barcelona but lives in Berlin and works as a freelance artist – for their latest video called “caffeine“.

Entirely done in drawing with the complicity of Benjamin karré & Patricia Luna.

Great work and effective too, giving the feeling of an oppressive environment.