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Some people recycle books or plastic bottles to produce new objects or clothes. Kaffee Form is about using coffee grounds… but not for an allotment.

What about using used coffee to make coffee cups and saucers?!

Well…that’s what Kaffee Form is doing!

Kaffee Form - recycled coffee grounds cups and saucers

Kaffee Form – recycled coffee grounds cups and saucers

If you are interested in such rather new eco-friendly product, it is possible to order it HERE.

Kaffee Form - cups and saucers from coffee grounds

Kaffee Form – cups and saucers from coffee grounds


Each coffee shop needs coffee beans – either green if the business is also a coffee roaster or already roasted and ready to put their hopper(s).

One notorious green coffee importer is Nordic Approach:

…Every coffee we buy or forward to a client is selected based on the cup profile…

The website is complete with a lot of relevant information such as the “current offer list” section with price per kilo…etc

Nordic Approach - extract offer list

Nordic Approach – extract offer list

But, it has appeared in the recent “coffee news” the following: Colombian coffee exports fall at fastest in 3 years! A rather worrying headline for a country and an entire industry.

In this due to coffee rust? Not exactly!

According to the truckers’ strike is the main cause of the decline of exports:

…Exports dropped 16.8% to 772,000 bags, the biggest rate of decline since March 2012…

Coffee is everywhere and everyday of the year…what if suddenly the demand would be higher than the supply? Could we go towards a crash of the green coffee price. It would then become something rare, very pricey and maybe considered like gold dust as people like to say!?

Espresso bars could either struggle to get some beans or the price per cup could then reach an unprecedented value.

So, just imagine a customer stepping into a shop and being asked for 5 Pounds to get an espresso. Most of the amount would be to cover the cost of the ingredient! Does this mean that the decor and other accessories would then be limited and reduced to the minimum?! Forget ceramic coasters or other free newspapers/magazines and unlimited internet access. It would be a kind of coffee recession making coffee shop life a misery for the owners and customers.

Following the daily live stream of coffee price can be seen as geeky by some but it is as interesting as the actual stock exchange (

Live stream of coffee price

Live stream of coffee price

Thankfully, there is for the time being, no real fear or panic as the strike by those truckers has now be resolved.

To read the full length article regarding Colombia coffee exports go HERE.

Asher Yaron is behind Coffee Perfection.

In this TED talk, he takes us to a kind of coffee discovery.