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Most coffee shops do have take-away cups…some are funny and funky as well as recyclable.

We all know how important it is to re-use or recycle paper cups.

However, a new craze might just be around the corner with customizable cups…rather emotional (excuse the pun).

This is the work of the mighty Backbone Creative

…Customers can change the face expression of their cup personage by turning the exterior sleeve…

take-away paper cup with emotion

take-away paper cup with emotion

Gawatt take-away paper with emotions

Gawatt take-away paper with emotions

These cups are available from Gawatt.

Gawatt emotion cups

Gawatt emotion cups


If you dreamt of a take-away coffee cup, which replaces the need for paper cups: KeepCup is for you!

…Unbreakable, Lightweight, Portable…Fits under the group heads of most espresso machines. Comes in a gift box…Base has a band for hand insulation… source

At least, you will be able to recognize your cups easily as well, whether you are sharing a car or just at the office.

The KeepCup is also an Award winning sustainable product design.

KeepCup Coffee machine


KeepCup Brew Bar Coffee