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Volkwagen has announced recently that The Crafter is having a make over and will be all new for the Summer 2011.

But sometimes the difference is almost unnoticeable. The engine can be re-organized without touching anything concerning the outside or vice-versa.

Take for instance, the commercial below – regarding the Caddy, Caravelle and Transporter vans.

It is really hard to see which is which, especially between the Caravelle and Transporter.

VW has been famous in the past for vehicles such as The Beetle & the mighty Camper Van.

Volkswagen also offers a van hire service within selected  showrooms/ dealers.  Great service afterall, when in needs of a vehicle either to move house or to deliver something bulky.


Etihad the Airline from the UAE has just launched a new marketing campaign for this new year 2011.

Essential Abu Dhabi” project has just revealed the special “Visit Abu Dhabi 2011” livery on Airbus A330-300 aircrafts.

Three A330-300 planes features the new Diamond 1st Class cabin. So if you want to enjoy the comfort and luxurious interior of these new aircrafts, it will be on the flights to Abu Dhabi from London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris & Mumbai.

The body work is rather unusual and will attract the attention…for sure. A deep purple colour. Judge by yourselves.

There is even a dedicated site for this “Essential Abu Dhabi 2011” promotion, with various offers.

To take advantage of them, visitors on flights to Abu Dhabi simply present their Etihad boarding card at participating outlets to redeem the offers within 7 days of arriving in the city. Great marketing tool!!!

Etihad Airways styles itself as the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. The airline was set up by a Royal Decree in July 2003 and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is Etihad Airways’ hub. The carrier started commercial operations in November 2003.

NB: This colour is rather familiar and reminds us of the chocolate Milka.