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Each coffee shop needs coffee beans – either green if the business is also a coffee roaster or already roasted and ready to put their hopper(s).

One notorious green coffee importer is Nordic Approach:

…Every coffee we buy or forward to a client is selected based on the cup profile…

The website is complete with a lot of relevant information such as the “current offer list” section with price per kilo…etc

Nordic Approach - extract offer list

Nordic Approach – extract offer list

But, it has appeared in the recent “coffee news” the following: Colombian coffee exports fall at fastest in 3 years! A rather worrying headline for a country and an entire industry.

In this due to coffee rust? Not exactly!

According to the truckers’ strike is the main cause of the decline of exports:

…Exports dropped 16.8% to 772,000 bags, the biggest rate of decline since March 2012…

Coffee is everywhere and everyday of the year…what if suddenly the demand would be higher than the supply? Could we go towards a crash of the green coffee price. It would then become something rare, very pricey and maybe considered like gold dust as people like to say!?

Espresso bars could either struggle to get some beans or the price per cup could then reach an unprecedented value.

So, just imagine a customer stepping into a shop and being asked for 5 Pounds to get an espresso. Most of the amount would be to cover the cost of the ingredient! Does this mean that the decor and other accessories would then be limited and reduced to the minimum?! Forget ceramic coasters or other free newspapers/magazines and unlimited internet access. It would be a kind of coffee recession making coffee shop life a misery for the owners and customers.

Following the daily live stream of coffee price can be seen as geeky by some but it is as interesting as the actual stock exchange (

Live stream of coffee price

Live stream of coffee price

Thankfully, there is for the time being, no real fear or panic as the strike by those truckers has now be resolved.

To read the full length article regarding Colombia coffee exports go HERE.


Interesting to see what people know and don’t know when talking about coffee.

Initially coffee is a cherry…yes, a fruit.

In each cherry there are two (green) beans.

Cherry coffee structure

Cherry coffee structure

This can be a real surprise for a few individuals even if they are regular coffee drinkers.

In order to be able to drink coffee, these green beans need to be roasted. This will give them flavour, acidity, aroma…etc

Devon Coffee Exeter - freshly roasted coffee | hand built roaster

Devon Coffee Exeter – freshly roasted coffee | hand built roaster

But, it is also essential to make a difference between:

  • taster,
  • drinker.

It is like being a gourmet or a gourmand.

In general a “gourmet” or a taster will appreciate a brew more in depth by asking the barista the origin of the beans and whether it is a natural or washed coffee. It is more about the “degustation” and appreciating all subtleties of the crafted beverage – whether it is prepared with a chemex, aeropress or V60. This could totally be compared with wine tasting. The coffee equivalent would be a cupping session.

coffee cupping

coffee cupping

Assessing the coffee is a rather serious and important task. Not everyone has the palate for such exercise.

Coffee tasting - mouth and tongue regions

Coffee tasting – mouth and tongue regions

It is starting to happen that people or gourmet are buying coffee brewing equipments to be used when they are traveling (locally or globally) and even in their office space, because it gives them a break and of course, there is the pleasure of freshly brewed coffee in a few minutes… which can be stimulating during a long day. The only thing needed is hot water.

Aeropress coffee brewing

Aeropress coffee brewing

A coffee drinker (that’s the “gourmand“) won’t care about the origin of the beans. He/She just wants a hot drink quickly …not even being fussy if the latte is on the cappuccino side or a black coffee is an americano or a filter. Maybe stereotyping, but sugar is usually added as well. Making the drink rather sweet and forgetting the actual taste and nuances.

Drinking coffee is overall a great experience because each coffee is different according to its origin without forgetting the way it is processed and then roasted.

It can be seen as a complicated world especially if you step for the first time into a real independent coffee shop with boards explaining what is on the menu from cup sizes to brewing methods. If you aren’t too sure just ask the person behind the counter and all can/will be explained to clarify what drink you are after.

You will certainly leave with a smile on your face because you will have learned something – it is almost guaranteed that more visits will follow.

On a final note, a drinker can become a taster too.

Cherry to coffee process

Cherry to coffee process

What is Freese Coffee Co?

…Superb coffee, food and hospitality by the Finnish Barista Champion 2013 Kalle Freese… Source