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When or if you buy an AeroPress, you will see on the box the mention “espresso maker“.

AeroPress coffee and espresso maker

However, it is a bit unclear of how to make such drink with a device designed to produced delicate filter coffee.

Here is a video explaining it all.



Just to add a little something to the previous article, here is a video by Origin Coffee Roasters showing how to use the inverted AeroPress method.

There are different methods to brew coffee. Some people prefer the usual espresso machine, others will go for a V60 (or even Japanese style pour-over – see short video HERE).

Slightly more technical but fun is the syphon.

But what about the AeroPress?

It looks very simple: 2 tubes looking like a huge syringe.

However, there is a championship about it. Baristas need to be skilled to produce an outstanding coffee. And there are various ways/recipes to use the device too.