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There are many ways to brew filter coffee – it all depends on your preferences.

The coffee will be different according to the device used to make that filter.

Today is a video by Kinfolk… indeed like the famous magazine of the same name – it is all about the AeroPress.


When or if you buy an AeroPress, you will see on the box the mention “espresso maker“.

AeroPress coffee and espresso maker

However, it is a bit unclear of how to make such drink with a device designed to produced delicate filter coffee.

Here is a video explaining it all.


Coffee shops are for everyone because everyone is equal… or something like that.

It is always great to step into a shop (whatever the activity) and have this feeling of being welcome!

A few months back we posted an article about breastfeeding in coffee shops/public spaces.

There seems to be another thing which can trigger anger and/or anxiety for some customers: having a dog in a coffee shop.

Of course, there are some people who are fine about it and others who would rather not see an animal (even very friendly) in such social place!?

It is becoming common to see the sign “No dogs – except guide dogs“.

No dogs - except guide dogs sign

No dogs – except guide dogs sign

A shop owner can decide whether or not a dogs are welcome in his/her establishment. It is sure that no one likes barking noises or a pet jumping all over the place when trying to read or socialise.

So, just imagine a family walking into a shop and being told that it is not a place for parents with a toddler (disturbing other customers with their screams and cries). This would be a shocking statement!

A dog is (in general) a good companion, isn’t it? Why having a kind of discrimination attitude then? Same rule applies!

Families with children… or dogs can and should have a place in a store/shop. It is obvious though that if things go out of control the person managing the public space will have the last word.

A lot of families are also looking to go on holiday with their children and pets. Fortunately, some resorts do specialise in having accommodations welcoming dogs too. So everyone is happy and there is no worry for the family pet left behind either with neighbours or at the local kennel.

We are living in a world where people want it all their way and the “sharing” attribute seems only to be applicable when it comes to virtually doing it on social media, but not in real life?!

A prime and concrete example is when one person is sitting at a large table – in a pub, restaurant/bistro or espresso bar. It is as if that particular table is his/hers. When another individual arrives and asks to sit there too, there is a slight hesitation. However, that first person might share everything about his/her life online. This means to the world and consequently with strangers. All this without actually thinking about it twice. So why is it so hard to accept another person nearby and more importantly in a social venue!? There is a full article about this topic on The Guardian HERE.

“There are no strangers, just friends we’ve not yet met” – Source

This is where people’s attitude need to change and accept that others would also like to be able to sit, relax and sip a nice brew whether there are parents with a child or even a dog owner around! It is all about education, politeness and being less selfish. The World is a place for everyone… Enjoy it!

Cafe terrace - sharing table

Cafe terrace – sharing table