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In the 1980s, teenagers would rush to go to their town/city premises dedicated to all these new amusements such as classic arcade games.

This was a real revolution/change from the board games.

However, a real headache for parents, because money was then necessary to play from a few minutes to many hours on Donkey Kong, Space Invaders or Brick Breaker.

Space invaders

You could even buy a miniature arcade game version, to play as long as you wished from the comfort of your own home.

On the Continent, loads of bar, cafe and bistro had at least a couple of such interactive games – rather noisy though if you wanted to have a quiet and relaxing drink. One winner was without a doubt the PacMan table.

Pacman table

Customers/players didn’t have to stand and could then enjoy a drink, a game and converse too.

But, it seems that playing cards and chess boards are coming back into social venues – maybe – to reduce that ongoing background noise.

No wonder that some children are asking to get for this Christmas something almost vintage. Metal toy tractor and other die-cast vehicles as well as quality wooden gifts are on the wish lists. A real positive revival, which will be appreciated by everyone. It is about the durability of the item too, rather than just having an electronic device requiring batteries, constant updates..etc. Let’s make things simple.

Coffee shops are also getting more down-to-earth; reviews, books are usually available and local and national press too. Caffeine magazine is the one standing out from the crowd. There is even an App…yes, indeed. So you can take it everywhere you go.

Caffeine Mag Cover

The most annoying about arcade games (and consoles in general)  is the music which can be – almost – unbearable when sitting close to an avid player, who will be totally focusing on getting the highest score.

It is difficult to actually step into a public space without noise pollution related to mobile phone ringtones or other touchscreen devices receiving alerts, mentions or other messages. If there is no Wi-Fi, “it is not good enough” as some demanding customers would say. There is this continual attitude of expecting permanent connection. How did people cope in the late 1970s when there were no smartphones?!

It – sadly – seems that the norm is to be able to check THAT social media status at anytime and everywhere. Everyone is a VIP these days and the fashion bringing the urban chic into the equation can drive the ego trip even further: “don’t you know who I am?“.

The 21st century has brought us fantastic high-tech devices but also a loss of some values including:

  • politeness,
  • face-to-face communication,
  • courtesy,
  • patience.

It would be great to have a monthly celebration of the past years, where friends and family would just spend evenings after evenings either meeting around a table to socially share their knowledge or try to complete all stages of old skool Star Wars.

Star Wars Arcade

It is too easy to forget the good things and keeping all of it still alive is certainly important for the next generations.

Pencil and cassette tape

Coffee is a serious subject these days.

But, there is also room for fun and recycling is a vital subject to protect our planet. So, don’t waste…

Here are just a few examples when coffee meets fun time.

Lampshade made of paper filters

Lampshade made of coffee filters

All instructions and stages HERE.

Paper roses from paper filters

Coffee filters as paper roses

Martha Stewart shows you how to achieve such result.

Coffee beans as candle holder

Coffee Beans as candle holder