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Coffee is like wine and vice-versa!

It is first a fruit and it becomes a beverage.

The flavour, taste and aroma are the essential factors.



Everyone like a nice cup of coffee whether filter, straight black, cappuccino or flat white.

However, there is a cost behind it. Quality doesn’t come cheap. This is applicable for everything.

Let’s take an example.

Making good/perfect coffee is like taking a good/perfect picture.

There are various ingredients. To get a great result it is not just about the main product but also all accessories around it! The camera can be the best one but the photograph could be poor, because a skill is needed for the composition and having the right settings from exposure to shutter speed.

Also, buying a DSLR is the first step. You might then need a polarized filter, tripod or flashgun as well as a fast memory card (according to the type of photography). According to your level, an expensive camera might not be the right choice unless you have already a few years experience. A basic point and shoot can be sufficient for a start then upgrading is always a possibility.

DSLR Vs Point and Shoot

DSLR Vs Point and Shoot

Making coffee works the same way. Good coffee beans is just the foundation. Having a top of the range espresso machine is good as long as the user knows how to deal with it and is able to adjust the grinder in order to produce a great extraction and respect the ratio coffee:water.

As I was in an independent coffee shop on Tuesday morning (30th December 2014), a customer who was waiting for his filter (brewing method V60) started to talk about the cost of making perfect coffee.

He is an avid drinker and own himself a manual grinder. But, he openly said that all this process – despite the fabulous brew – could generate a high cost related to the step by step instructions as a full list of items are necessary:

V60 ceramic and server

V60 ceramic and server

Purists will get all of it without thinking twice because the taste and aroma will be second-to-none. There is a good reason to have the full equipment… Indeed, a budget is needed to get the same cup of coffee as the one you buy at a speciality coffee shop.

The other advantage is that you can recycle coffee grounds for your own garden or your neighbours’ allotments. It is all about waste management, which is too much ignored especially after the festive season.

Christmas rubbish collection

Christmas rubbish collection

In other words, you get a great brew and others can benefit by using what has been put in the filter to produce that nectar to grow fresh vegetables. A great chain reaction which is a win-win from start to finish.

Finally, if you don’t have the financial means to purchase the entire list of brewing utensils, the direct alternative is to visit your local espresso bar (with preferably a brew bar) and who knows, you might get a bundle if you decide to invest in several bits!

There are some basic rules to follow when it comes to make a great espresso. Tamping your ground coffee is one of them – but there is more to it.